January 2015
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postheadericon Makmende: The heartbeat of Kenya’s Hype

Makemnde is an Idea from the blues talk of a ressurection.
makmende is a friend from the 90’s. Kenya’s first ever real superhero. Most of us do not get the point of him not being an actual character and having the wildest attributes ever.
But I like the spirit of the campaign. If he can rule facebook twitter and youtube it shows how much kenya can push something into the limelight.

Let us do this more seriously kenyans. This is just a start we can do it if we work as a team.

Have a Makmende inspired weekend.
makmende killed the beasts in my nightmares.

Is Makmende Kenya’s first “viral” Internet sensation? | Moses Kemibaro.

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postheadericon Web Design for NET Ministry

Our former website went down its time we start again this time we can do it much better.
We want to create a community website that will favor everyone.

  • Blog posts and comments
  • Events and schedule
  • Units
  • User profiles
  • Gallery
  • Portfolios
  • links to facebook and other social sites
  • Webmail
  • Facebook profile
  • Tweets page
  • Jobs
  • Adverts
  • share links

Sorry guys for not being a good webmaster but now I invite everyone to join in the fun of deciding how you feel you want the site to be.
Feel very free to express your ideas and find it your responsibility to take part in our activities.

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postheadericon Magical Mobilizer on dotMobi

Sorry I did not get time to invite anyone for the event that was held at iHub(Innovation Hub off Ngong Road). The dotMobi – as they call themselves the people who came up with the TLD were in Nairobi and I had the rare opportunity to chat with Tom Roessler a Security lead in the W3C. The mobile web is set to grow as people keep on innovating and creating content that can work on mobile phones just as well as it does on your desktop browser without having to tune it that much.
Wondering what a mobilizer is? It can be simply described as a tool on the server that automatically converts your website to a mobile friendly version when the requesting device is detected to be a phone.

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postheadericon Dig right into the Exponential Internet

We have always been thrilled with statistics on the evolution of the internet and its usage.

I thought I could share the video below and let you take a look at the figures. It plainly shows how the world is changing dynamically and how fast we should adapt.

We can always be informative just as I am posting my views here, the challenge is to get to the people out there and present them with the information.

Primarily we rely on the media and back then to make your information accessible you needed to pay more so as to have it in the local newspapers.

Watch out! For those folks who still enjoy boasting and taking pride in not being seen near a computer you as well be backdated than you ever thought.

Surely I had not realized as yet that the newspapers are being challenged severely by the major sources of information namely:

  • The Internet and
  • The Mobile Phone

Most companies want an online profile the same for models and institutions

That’s not all they want good looking and feature rich applications which they can use to target their clients on social networks.

Yes they want traffic on their sites, they want to advertise and earn from their websites.

Here now comes the web developers challenge: Can you deliver to your clients expectation

I have seen companies go for companies with big brands and pay so much money yet their needs are not fulfilled

My best bet would be to target a freelancer with a good portfolio. Not only will they deliver fast but will charge you less.

Not that web development companies are not good, but it depends on how they treat their developers. If a developer is given a good environment he/ she can deliver very appealing applications. That is what happens when freelancers are used.

Anyway, the web development market is yet to grow to the maximum as the tastes for web designs, articles, layout and features will keep growing as exponentially.

There is no end to the thrill of technology as we do have the iPad and other versions of PDA’s and they all deliver content fast.

Surely you Do know now!

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postheadericon Organization is Key

You cannot do a successful project easily without good organization.

A wise man said that if you fail to plan you plan to fail. Well the reason you may not be comfortable with waht you have done so far is that you may not have been well organized to accomplish your project.

I have wished I could create many good looking websites as web design really amazes me and I also want to do much. The problems that then come my way is that I am aiming too far yet not releasing the arrow.

At times I find myself like the servant in the bible who being given one talent he hid in in the ground and ended up losing it.

Proper organization is no simple task as it involves discipline and optimization of time.

Indeed at times I know what I want to do but I just don’t get to do it.

From now on I will be making my plans and reviewing them throughout the day.

Some opportunities do come only for a short time and we cannot continue wasting them we have to make the best use of them. Have you ever sat for a national exam and after the results you feel that this was maybe not the best you could do? i have, the poin is that we need to change .

Change?? Yes. Change!

It takes much effort to discipline yourself but with practice you should not have so much to struggle with. You would have started reaping good fruits and you would not want to stop.

I had not addressed this post to every web developer but sure note this is very important.

Now that we are ready to work hard we will do tiring things that require discipline. They are:

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Innovation

Kick-Off time lets go!

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